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3Fold IT supports the IT and communications needs of small and mid-sized businesses. We improve mobility, increase productivity and protect data and hardware. We serve customers throughout the Greater Milwaukee Area in Southeastern Wisconsin, and we spend a lot of time in Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Waukesha and Washington Counties.

We understand.  Your technology needs to be easy to use and work how it was intended.  When things break they must be fixed quickly.  We are here if you need immediate support, help keeping things working long-term, or have a project in mind.

Our IT Solutions improve communication, mobility and productivity.  Our vCIO Services help you make business decisions that deal with technology.  Our Managed Services keep you focused on running your business, not fixing technical problems.  Our experienced team speaks plain English and will help you consider all available options.

Featured Items

Data Backup White Paper:

Capturing good backups regularly is an important aspect of a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. We discuss some important elements of backups in this white paper to answer questions like: What should I backup my data to? How often should we do it? Are my backups working?

Download the white paper: What You Should Know About Cloud-Based Data Backup.

What You Should Know About Cloud-Based Data Backup - White Paper - 3Fold IT

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery:

Roughly one third of cyber attacks are directed towards small businesses. If attacked, there is a 60% chance that business will fail within 6 months. Coffee spills, fires, floods, and a myriad of other situations could cause just as much harm.

Here are a few tips to help guide you through the process of securing your business data, systems and communications:

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