vCIO (Virtual CIO) Consulting Services

Business Continuity

The options available to you for protecting your organization’s critical digital assets could be overwhelming.  A 3Fold IT vCIO will help you weigh them against the likelihood of different scenarios and your tolerance for data loss and downtime.  The result is an actionable plan you can implement on your own or with our assistance.

Carrier Optimization

Midwest companies have a lot of options for their phone and dedicated internet connectivity. The fact that different companies often resell services over the same physical infrastructure complicates things even further. A 3Fold IT vCIO can present you with an unbiased view of your options and help you implement the solution that makes the most sense.

Cloud Optimization

You have the opportunity to run critical applications and services without dedicating on-site server hardware to it. This can solve some important problems, however, identifying what to move, where to put it, and how to move and manage it are the tricky parts. We can help you consider the strengths and weaknesses of different options and develop a strategy.

Disaster Recovery

A “disaster” for your organization might only involve a colleague spilling coffee on the wrong machine. How long would it take your organization to get back on it’s feet after a severe data loss event? A 3Fold IT vCIO can help you evaluate risks affecting your digital assets and develop an action plan to mitigate them.

IT Strategy

Many small to mid-sized organizations need less than a full-time headcount to manage their IT resources. While they can leverage tech-savvy staff members to provide some day-to-day support, or advise on outsourced projects, they recognize that defining the best approaches for the long-term needs of the business often requires specialized skills like ours.

IT Vendor Management

It is possible that over time your organization has amassed many different applications, brands of devices, and types of IT services and vendors. Are they all meeting their obligations to you? Did you buy more than you need? Could a competitor provide greater value? Are you buying the same thing twice? A vCIO helps clients answer questions like these.

Virtualization Strategy

Virtualization involves consolidating multiple physical servers onto fewer machines. Doing so can reduce the risk of hardware failure, make it easier and cheaper to backup applications and data, and reduce the cost of adding new applications and services in the future. We routinely design and build these environments for our clients and are ready to support you.

Workforce Mobility

Many organizations have more people on the road, working from home, or hot-desking between multiple locations. These workers count on the rest of your team and need the right tools and processes to be effective in their work. A 3Fold IT vCIO will help you ensure that your workforce has the ability to be ultra productive wherever they are.

Financing Options

Some of our customers prefer to pay for critical infrastructure, tools and services as they realize the benefits. Others like to maintain cash reserves to reinvest in other areas of their business. We partner with the Gordon Flesch Company, a proven and privately held Wisconsin company in business for more than 50 years, to offer our clients the most competitive financing options available. The Wisconsin-based company currently has more than 7,000 clients throughout the Midwest.

Simple Budgeting: Bundle hardware, warranties, software and managed services together for the lifetime of a lease.

Fair Terms: The technology solutions and services you need without any hidden fees, auto-renwals or early payment penalties.