Hardware Solutions

Hardware Solutions

Computers & Laptops

Computer and laptop hardware designed to fit your staff’s needs with an emphasis on reliability and longevity. We offer several complimentary services to ensure that your investment in hardware is protected:

  • Backup & Antivirus Solutions
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Full Support for Apple & PCs
  • Monitoring & Management

Hardware Recycling

Not sure what to do with your old hardware? Are you concerned about sensitive data on the equipment you are replacing? We can ensure your hardware is wiped to federal data privacy standards.

  • Component Reclamation
  • Equipment Donations & Tax Incentives
  • Recycling of Computers, Servers, Network Gear & Phones
  • Secure Drive Erasure


Fast, secure and reliable end-to-end network solutions for linking the people, devices and services within your organization regardless of their location.

  • Cabling Certification
  • Design & Implementation
  • Firewalls, Routing & Switching
  • Wired, Wi-Fi & Point-to-Point Solutions

Physical & Virtual Servers

Powerful, reliable server solutions designed to fit your needs for size, scalability, redundancy, and lifespan. We help our clients implement exactly what they need:

  • Backup & Replication Solutions
  • Comprehensive Migration Services
  • Monitoring & Management
  • On Premise or Off-Site Cloud-Based Hardware
  • Virtualization Solutions

Hardware Partners & Certifications

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Related Services

We think of hardware as a set of basic tools. It is what our clients do with those tools that creates competitive advantages and operational efficiencies. Tools this important need to be fully utilized and well-protected. Explore these areas to learn more about ways to maximize the value of your hardware investments:

Sometimes the best hardware to buy is none at all. If you would rather pay for hardware as a service, want to reduce the risk of having it onsite, or if many of your users are accessing services and data remotely anyway, you could be on the verge of an excellent business decision. You can learn more about our Cloud Solutions here.

Identifying what type of computers, servers, and network equipment you require and then finding a good deal on it is only the first step. Keeping that hardware healthy and your staff happy and productive is often the trickier part for Management. You can learn more about our approach for managing your hardware resources here.

We offer several different products for email, file sharing, and collaboration. Our clients only pay for what they use, enjoy seamless integration with their mobile devices, and sleep soundly with robust business continuity and disaster recovery strategies. You can learn more about our Productivity Solutions here.

Some of our customers prefer to pay for critical infrastructure, tools and services as they realize the benefits, or maintain cash reserves to reinvest in other areas of their business. We partner with the Gordon Flesch Company, a proven and privately held Wisconsin company in business for more than 50 years, to offer our clients the most competitive financing options available.

This relationship enables us to bundle hardware, warranties, software and managed services together for the lifetime of a lease with no hidden fees, auto-renwals or early payment penalties. Check out the links below for more information and a sample lease: