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3CX Phone Systems

Expert leadership from the development of requirements and solution design through implementation and beyond; all while minimizing disruption to your organization and maximizing ROI.

Carrier Assessments

Comprehensive analysis of your organization’s communications expense and service needs like cost, reliability, redundancy, and security combined with a thorough review of the options available in your market.


Fiber, cable, MPLS, T1, PRI/BRI, DSL, POTS, wireless and more. We can work across virtually all major carriers to implement the right solution based on your speed, reliability, security and cost goals.

Deployment Consulting

Specialized support for IT Professionals implementing their own 3CX phone system to ensure that all of their bases are covered.  We open up our process and provide support where you need it.


Phones, intercom, paging, cordless and more: the right options carefully aligned to your needs and integrated with your phone system whether that means a shop floor, outdoor workspace, call center or c-suite.

SIP Trunks

SIP trunk options to support VoIP communication across the internet for local, long-distance, toll free and international calling.  We offer competitive rates and flexible management options.

Featured Telephony Partner

3CX is a software based VoIP IP PBX phone system that runs in Microsoft Windows environments. There is no expensive proprietary “black box” and it supports a wide variety of phones, intercom and paging hardware. 3CX can be configured to route calls over the telephone network (PSTN), the internet (VoIP) or both. It has robust mobility and call routing features, is intuitive to use, and integrates with the most popular CRM and email clients.

3CX phone systems are enabling thousands of organizations worldwide to reduce communications expense while improving customer service and elevating productivity. Check out 3CX.com for some examples:

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Related Services

There are many advantages to implementing a VoIP phone system including reducing recurring costs, removing infrastructure complexity, and adding features to support increased productivity. Our expertise extends beyond phone systems and into the enterprise IT and networking fields because of the ways these related technologies overlap. Below is an overview of some of those variables that could play a role in your communications project.

A healthy data network optimized for voice traffic and securely configured is critical to your phone system.  Designing, implementing and managing a network that supports all of your communications and IT needs requires a special set of skills.  You can learn more about our network offerings here.

One important advantage our phone solutions have over many alternatives is that it is an application running on server. This creates an opportunity for our clients to consolidate and reduce hardware, backup, maintenance and support expenses. You’ll find more information about our experience designing, implementing, migrating and managing servers of all sizes here.

A carefully designed and implemented 3CX phone system has the potential to last your organization a long time. We ensure our clients are able to realize the benefits our communications solutions well into the future by offering several important services. You can learn more about our approach for maintaining and supporting your solution here.

Some of our customers prefer to pay for critical infrastructure, tools and services as they realize the benefits, or maintain cash reserves to reinvest in other areas of their business. We partner with the Gordon Flesch Company, a proven and privately held Wisconsin company in business for more than 50 years, to offer our clients the most competitive financing options available.

This relationship enables us to bundle hardware, warranties, software and managed services together for the lifetime of a lease with no hidden fees, auto-renwals or early payment penalties. Check out the links below for more information and a sample lease: